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We bring color to your metal.

Powder couting in wage work.
Do you need parts or a single piece of steel in a RAL color?
We refine your surfaces by powder coating - whatever single part, small batch or mass production. We use high quality powder coatings based on polyester-epoxy.

Recommended for indoor use, for example HVAC technology, heating technology, switchgears, store construction, steel furniture, wire products, tooling equipment, metal fittings, car-accessories, playground equipment, handling equipment, etc.

- Good chemical resistan (depending on application - please enquire)
- Good anticorrosion protection.
- Goood mechanical properties.
- High surface hardness.
- Simple and reliable application.

Part sizes:
The maximum part size is: length 6000 mm, width 300 mm and heigt of 1500 mm

Your contact person:
Heinz-Werner Frank
Phone + 49 2351 / 98 80-20 oder per Mail an: frank@hofe.de

Volker Crone
Phone +49 2351 / 98 80-0 oder per Mail an: crone@hofe.de
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